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It is not hard to imagine and it’s quite possible that you’ve experienced the devastating impact when someone you love is diagnosed with cancer.

Imagine what it must be like if this happens when you are still a kid. Every day, children in our community learn that someone they love has cancer. On Belay is here for them.

On Belay builds a community of kids aged 8 – 18 using adventure as the catalyst. We run two evening and six full-day programs, plus one teen overnight trip to the White Mountains of NH in partnership with the AMC Youth Opportunities Program. On Belay is not a therapeutic program in the traditional sense. It uses adventure activities such as rock climbing and high-ropes course work to create a metaphor for participants, teaching them that if they can find a way to overcome such challenges, they have the strength and tenacity to thrive regardless of the outcome of their family members cancer.


A cancer diagnosis is incredibly destabilizing for a family. On Belay understands that meeting financial obligations incurred for cancer treatment put great stress on a family. All On Belay programs

are free. 

To learn more, visit their website https://www.on-belay.org


“I’ve been coming here for about two years and I have definitely changed. I have a new way to take on my mom’s cancer. Definitely easier for me to say she’s having another surgery or a new treatment. Everyone here has made it easier for me. I definitely was a different person and most of the time I wouldn’t smile. On Belay’s the thing that puts a smile on my face.                         Hannah, age 12.


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